2. By: @joefreyanthony #joefjulyfaces | Whenever I look for inspiration, I turn to Joef’s work. Just knowing him well is motivation, and ofcourse the odd times we get to catch up these crazy days, I’m always left off with an energy boost. I appreciate the friendship we have and always honored to be considered when it comes to his work. Thank you sir.


  3. 6:15ish


  4. Happy Monday everyone! Today @ztraberi, @marcuspics and I are presenting to you guys, WWW.NOTIONBLVD.COM
    Here you can find some pieces we’ve worked on for the past little while. We’ve been extremely patient with coming together as a team and deciding that we would go with the name and website. So please show some support and simply check out the work on the website and stay connected with us. Click the link in my bio to connect! There’s definitely more to come so stay tuned with us. Thanks everyone! #notionblvd



  6. When sunlight peeks through the blinds (at Starbucks York Mills)


  7. Sometimes I wish it rains so hard and stops, when the sun sets



  9. Pretty friggin cool when the video you shot is on #highsnobiety. It was awesome working with @_nthng_. #Notionblvd #Notion #Blvd #toronto #elegy #nthng @highsnobiety @ztraberi @marcuspics


  10. Fairview Mall Parking Garage, 5th floor | Same feel, different view


  11. Marcus Groebner


  12. May 20


  13. at Kirkfield Lift Lock


  14. Sunrise > Sunset


  15. Things we take for granted, #postcards | I actually received this a couple days ago, but still think its perfect timing. Thank you so much