1. Elephants - R.Y.


  2. South of King and John


  3. @rocmywor1d | 2 Week countdown til departure


  4. Found an old part of me.


  5. Canadian Screen Awards!!! If anyone saw @jaybaruchel’s live interview getting interrupted by someone making stanchions fall…Yes that was me lol oops


  6. Cool shadow!


  7. Best seat in town


  8. NTHNG shoot


  9. Its hard but I love waking up early #Notionblvd


  10. Good morning Harbord


  11. New Toy | Ben asked if I wanted something Weird or loud… I said “loud” and he gave me this OTAMATONE straight outta Japan!!! Best loud thing ever hahaha THANKS BEN!!! #japan #tokyo #vacay #vacation #cbc #editingsession


  12. During today’s video shoot, I snuck some photos in for fun



  14. To Union and back.

    Its so nice out.


  15. Boring Story: Summer 2007 (I think) there was a hail storm in Toronto, and 50 of our cars at the dealer got affected. A Nebraskan “Dent Doctor” came to repair 10 vehicles and showed me how paintless dent repair was done. I fixed the other 40 vehicles and to be honest, I’m proud of that. #flashback #pdr #hailstorm #backintheday