1. #tbt | October 2012, Rob Matjeka and I restored the DVP rainbow tunnel (originally painted by Berg Johnson and restored by many others) with help from @juliancompton and Charisse Marquez. When I drive along the DVP, it’s always a must look for me to make sure she’s doing fine.



  3. @notionblvd | www.NotionBlvd.com


  4. Sun’s running quick on us nowadays



  6. at Honest Ed’s


  7. at Honest Ed’s


  8. @tapforgoodluck @tapforgoodluck @tapforgoodluck @tapforgoodluck @tapforgoodluck @tapforgoodluck


  9. Hoosier Daddy’s BBQ Sandwiches

    The first time we visited Hoosier Daddy’s, we were just some hungry dudes grabbing food next door. But after meeting Kevin Hogg, the owner, and stuffing ourselves with his awesome southern style BBQ sandwiches, we had to come back and shoot. You may have eaten some pretty good BBQ sandwiches elsewhere in Toronto but you may have also paid up around $15-20. Here you’re only paying under $9 and filling up. His food was straight to the point, and no fancy stuff about it. Just messy, but Good messy, BBQ sandwiches. As some may already know, he is now closed due to lack of business (more so his location lacking traffic), but watch the video to get to know Hoosier Daddy’s. This way in the future when/if he re-opens, you’ll already know what it’s all about. Also check Hoosier Daddy’s out on Facebook/twitter to support the next moves with the business! 

    Facebook  -https://www.facebook.com/HoosierDaddysAmericanStyleBbqSliders

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/HoosierddysBBQ



  10. Night on the look out


  11. 6:55am right now


  12. To the person who picked up/stole my wallet near Pharmacy and St. Clair: 

    Thank you for stealing all the points cards. Good luck with nothing you can redeem. I hope you can collect another 1000 points at shoppers to be able to redeem $10 . And I hope you can purchase a chocolate bar on my behalf either at ESSO or PETRO. Hopefully you choose Reeses pieces. I like that one. 

    Thank you for taking my friends’ business cards. They are great friends of mine and you should contact them for their great work. The tow truck business card that’s there, he’s a great guy. 

    My debit card had the flash on so I wish you would’ve taken that to make it worth while. But thanks for leaving it anyways. 

    And thank you to the lovely girl who found me on Facebook to let me know she found it. Wether it was you or not, THANK YOU.



  14. By: @joefreyanthony #joefjulyfaces | Whenever I look for inspiration, I turn to Joef’s work. Just knowing him well is motivation, and ofcourse the odd times we get to catch up these crazy days, I’m always left off with an energy boost. I appreciate the friendship we have and always honored to be considered when it comes to his work. Thank you sir.


  15. 6:15ish